Irina Grisko. Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher based in Deptford, London, UK.


With emphasis on dynamic movement and breathing techniques, Yoga Deptford practises thoughtful, energising and creative yoga to promote both physical and mental well-being. 

I love Yoga for being so unexpected, surprising  and I love seeing peoples faces after their first practice. I came to Yoga from a gym culture. I remember myself saying: Yoga? No, thanks, I like to work out - Meditation and lifting the arms and legs is not for me...

After practising Yoga for 7 years I feel stronger than ever, physically, mentally and energetically. Yoga taught me to be inspired yet not to compare and not to judge; to enjoy the process rather than result; to see benefits in failures and treat them  as part of success; to embrace the shakes and to analyse my decisions and fears.  I've learned that comfort does not necessarily equate to happiness and that for great things to happen you must step out and keep your mind open.